GRUB2 Bootloader Editor v0.3.0

Starting with version 0.3.0 the GRUB2 Editor has acquired a visual changelog.

This post will be quite straightforward because v0.3.0 didn’t get many visual enhancements; most changes were “under-the-hood”.

The most obvious change is the “Preview” button for wallpapers:

Whenever you change your GRUB wallpaper, click the Preview button to get a bigger preview of the wallpaper.

Previewing a GRUB wallpaper.

Next up is color management:

New color management.

Colors now work as expected (I did thorough testing).

At startup you may notice a new pop-up dialog:

Probing devices for their GRUB names.

This is in order to retrieve GRUB device names, but I may remove it at some time. Seems that GRUB2 can do fine without explicitly specifying devices.

Lastly, there is now (primitive) support for the GRUB_INIT_TUNE configuration variable:

Support for GRUB_INIT_TUNE.


v.0.3.0 (21/03/2011)
*ADDED: Allow previewing a wallpaper (=splash image).
*FIXED: Make colors actually work.
*FIXED: Handle better GRUB device naming.
*FIXED: Rewrote big part of the code.