QApt sexiness…

…or shrinking your GRUB list the easy way!

/Going into [K]Ubuntu mode…

Have you ever seen your GRUB list grow into such a monster?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could bring it down to this?

The Easter Bunny has the solution:

Simply select your old/unwanted entries and BANG, gone! Can’t get any simpler than this!

Boring details follow (that is, no more eye candy screenshots).

I am talking of course about kcm-grub2, the GRUB2 Bootloader Editor. On Git (soon to be released, perhaps in a week) you can find package management integration in this GRUB KConfigModule which enables you to easily get rid of old GRUB entries the easy way (TM), without having to search in package managers about the packages you would normally have to remove in order to make your GRUB list smaller.

And all of this thanks to LibQApt and Jonathan. Kudos for an excellent package management API which allows anyone to do such sexy things for KDE.

/Going out of [K]Ubuntu mode…

PS: Obviously this feature can be used only by [K]Ubuntu users (once released of course). This feature was tested in Kubuntu Maverick Meerkat. Other xUbuntu distributions are expected to work, including Debian. Theoretically, any distribution where libqapt is available should work. Hope that clarifies things a bit.