Hello planet (?) and GRUB2 Support for KDM

This is my first post on Planet KDE, but uh-oh no introductions. Some of you may already know me; the rest of you should just wait for an introductory post (I must get to write one of those sooner or later).

I don’t want to tire you, so long story short: KDM has just gained GRUB2 support. What this means is that you are now able to reboot-once in another GRUB entry without affecting your default one:

Shutdown Dialog

This patch can be found in KDE Git (commit) and should be in for 4.7. Configuration instructions can be found here. Enjoy 🙂


61 thoughts on “Hello planet (?) and GRUB2 Support for KDM

  1. wow, that’s awesome, thanks! been waiting for this for a while! any idea on how to integrate this with kickoff? for those of us who don’t use the shutdown dialog
    also, on kubuntu after a while I tend to have a “lot” of grub entries, is it possible to configure which entries are shown in the reboot dialog? it may be even better to show just the latest linux entry, maybe fallback, and windows?

    • Kickoff goes through the shutdown dialog, doesn’t it? At least on my PC, when I click Restart I get the shutdown dialog with Restart as the only option.

      No, not possible to configure which entries are shown in the reboot dialog, that would be overconfiguration. Just try to reduce the grub entries by removing old kernels and recovery entries. For the latter I would suggest to use my GRUB2 Editor, provides many other configuration options as well.

      • thanks for the GRUB2 editor link, interesting software. I have disabled the shutdown dialog under system settings – session management, as it seemed unnecessary to me, with this feature it possibly isn’t anymore.
        maybe the reboot option under kickoff could be turned into a menu entry which leads to the different reboot options? like the application entries, e.g. internet -> different programs… hmm not sure if that’s a good idea, I’ll think about it some more 🙂

    • Under Ubuntu you must remove (using the package manager synaptic or muon or …) the kernel packages with an old number (and only those), for example if your latest kernel is 2.6.35-28 (and you have booted into it and you know that it works for you), then you remove linux-headers-2.6.35-27, linux-headers-, linux-image-2.6.35-27-generic (and other kernel packages with the number 2.6.35-27 that you may have installed) and similar for older versions. If all three packages are removed then automatically the entry for kernel 2.6.35-27 is also removed from the grub menu (so you don’t have to use the GRUB2 Editor).

      • Yep, currently that’s the way. I plan to include such a functionality in the graphical editor though, to automate the process (remove all three old kernel packages if the user wishes to make his GRUB entry list smaller). Seems to be quite a popular wishlist.

        Edit: Done!

  2. I’m sure this feature was implemented in one of the first distro I tried 5-6 years ago (Fedora core 2,maybe?), and I was wondering why It’s not present in modern distributions anymore..thanx ksmanis!

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  6. Su-weeeeet! The number of times I’ve had to sit around waiting for my computer to get to GRUB when I’ve been wanting to run around and get other stuff done. Sexy, indeed!

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  14. hmm I’m running kde from trunk (on natty), modified /etc/default/grub and ran update-grub2, rebooted but I still can’t see any option menu for the reboot action 😦
    I’ve even tried to tun grub-mkconfig, and still nothing.
    Do you have any idea about where I’m wrong?
    Cheers 🙂

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  22. Ah I think I rememebr that Linux-Mandrake (now Mandriva) had a patch doing just that on KDM since the version that was released on Jan/2001 (7.1 I think!)

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  27. Hands off the bootloader! If it works as well as some releases of plasma, machines will be turned into a bricks just when needed the most.

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  29. Nice feature! I followed all the configuration steps, but this is not working for me though. When I click & hold on the Restart button I can see a drop-down list with different OS. Then I select one of them but after reboot the machine doesn’t launches the OS I’ve selected. Do you have any clue?

    • Also fine. Long-pressing ‘Restart Computer’ and selecting Windows for example doesn’t boot into it? That’s wierd if Ubuntu is your sole Linux distribution.. :/

      • That is exactly what happens. Maybe is a grub2 conflict since I installed it when it was version 1.9x or something like that, not shipped with Kubuntu. And I don’t have a fresh install of it; I’ve been upgrading the distro for a couple of releases. Thanks anyway for your help!

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